“Anchoring and Protection” Bracelet in Tourmaline and Lava Stone


Sku: 5368

Original, you will appreciate wearing this “Anchoring and Protection” Bracelet which is endowed with 3 magnificent raw natural Black Tourmalines and lava stone pearls.   Its raw appearance gives it a particularly soft and natural energy coming from mother earth.     

Wear it and you will feel yourself anchored and enveloped in a fine protective energy against the surrounding negative energies.    

Considered as one of the most powerful stones in terms of protection, Black Tourmaline acts against harmful waves (telephone waves, high voltage line …) and negative energies. 

It corresponds to the Root Chakra , it promotes anchoring, rooting in the earth during meditations.

This stone is very popular with therapists and its vibration is perfect for all people, men or women. 

The  Lava Stone  or  Basalt  is a powerful stone of volcanic or igneous origin, it has a large magnetic energy that will influence your body. Its telluric energy will promote your anchoring and give you the strength to move forward in your path. It will also help you manage your anger by expressing it and releasing it. 


Characteristics :

  • Materials: Black Tourmaline, Lava Stone, cord
  • Tourmaline dimensions: approximately L 12 mm x D 11 mm x 3 pieces (dimensions can be variable to within a few mm)
  • Diameter of the pearls: 8 mm
  • Length: 19 cm + 8 cm extension
  • Adjustable


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