“Animal Totem” chime – 3 models available


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Create an environment infused with positive and joyful energies with this  “Animal Totem” Chime .

Its cheerful colors and the strength of each animal totem will envelop you in a positive and joyful spiritual energy. 

The Hummingbird symbolizes love, joy and beauty . It encourages you to live forward, no longer look to the past and appreciate the present moment. It is a bird who guides you towards the opening of your heart and the lightness in your emotional life.

The dragonfly  represents the wisdom of transformation and adaptability. It symbolizes change and light . When the dragonfly manifests in your life, it means that you have to find lightness and joy around you. Many changes will appear to make you “grow”.

The  Butterfly  symbolizes spiritual growth and joy . It represents transformation and personal metamorphosis. It expresses ” rebirth “. The force of the butterfly helps you to put your thoughts in order and move forward with awareness.

In Feng Shui decoration, this chime will be  the perfect metal element of your room . It is advisable to place it above a door or in a place with little energy (corner, hallway, dressing room, etc.). 

Its soft and harmonious ringing purifies and circulates the energies (or Qi) of your habitat. 


Characteristics :

  • Materials: metal and glass
  • Dimensions: Butterfly 32 cm x 15 cm, Dragonfly: 33 cm x 15 cm, Hummingbird: 3 cm x 18 cm
  • Weight: between 90 g and 110 g


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