Bracelet “Un Bonheur de Chat” in 925 Silver


Sku: 5446

The cat is a master of wisdom who teaches us about life in the present moment.

Cats drink when they are thirsty, they eat when they are hungry, they sleep when they are sleepy and they are not shy to ask for a hug when they feel the need …

Whoever loves cats has understood the teaching of the cat: to know how to love oneself!

To love yourself enough is to wait for no one to meet your own needs and take full responsibility for your life . The cat does not rely on anyone, but it is able to accept the love offered to it and return it in return.

Wear this Bracelet “Un Bonheur de Chat” in Silver 925 to emanate the wisdom of the cat and feel the happiness of having a little cat always with you.

Its elegant and refined design will bring delicacy and charm to your style. 


Characteristics :

  • Materials: 925 silver
  • Length: 16cm + 5cm adjustable


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