Labradorite “Aurora Borealis” ring


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The  labradorite  is one of the  Stones protection  and  best-known development , so she was dubbed the Stone of therapists . 

This stone was discovered in the Labrador region of Canada, hence the origin of its name. For the Inuit , the Northern Lights were kept trapped in rocks in the Labrador region, which is why these rocks bear colorful and golden reflections. 

Labradorite is a real stone of  protection  which is known to act as a shield. It dispels ailments, sorrows and other inharmonious energies.

It is an essential stone for any therapists or for all people in a helping relationship (medical staff, teachers, lawyers, beauticians …) because it acts as a barrier and will allow you to stay focused and lucid despite mental spills and discordant emotions that can be projected by the many interlocutors you meet every day.

It is also a stone that stimulates the activation of the Third Eye (the 6th Chakra) , which accelerates the awakening and the development of the capacities of clairvoyance and clairaudience. 

This ring is suitable for all finger sizes because it is adjustable. 


Characteristics :

  • Materials: Labradorite, copper
  • Size: one size, adjustable


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