Overcome Loneliness – Guided Meditation


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The feeling of loneliness you feel is not completely related to the physical absence of anyone around you. The void in you can be filled and the part of you that is suffering can be healed.

This guided meditation “Overcome loneliness” will allow you to offer an unconditional presence to the emptiness you feel within yourself, then it will lead you, step by step, to re-establish a feeling of connection with the world and with others.

During this trip of about thirty minutes, suitable for all, you will live a pleasant experience that will allow you to replace loneliness with  a deep feeling of connection .

By creating this new feeling within you, you allow the world around you to transform to create your new reality.

The meditations offered by Karma Yoga Shop are voluntarily at a very affordable price because our mission is to allow as many people as possible to raise their vibration using these powerful tools of personal development.

They are all designed by a team of professionals to guarantee you a unique experience :

  • The texts are written by qualified therapists and experts in meditation
  • The voice is  recorded in the studio by a professional voice-over artist specializing in meditation
  • The music is specially designed to provide support while listening and to achieve a deep and lasting meditative state.

You will receive a powerful personal development tool that you can immediately download and listen to whenever you want and as many times as you want, on any device: computer, tablet, smartphone, audio player, …

You will immediately receive:

  • The 30-minute Audio + Voice “Overcome Loneliness” Meditation , which you can listen to whenever you want to create a deep sense of connection to the world and to replace the feeling of loneliness in a lasting way. Wav format (Cd quality)
  • Voice-only audio that you can use if you don’t want to hear background music or if you want to use your own ambient sounds. Wav format (Cd quality)
  • The full text of the guided meditation in pdf format, if you want to imprint yourself some text before or after the meditation, or if you want to read the script of the meditation to a loved one on your own.


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