Pyrite “Sparkle” diffuser bracelet


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Increase your memorization, organization and creativity skills by wearing this Pyrite “Sparkle” diffuser bracelet .

The Pyrite is beneficial to the brain and thought processes, it stimulates and improves memory

Nicknamed the “Stone of Fire” , it stimulates the spirit of initiative, creativity and the development of ideas . It helps overcome negativity by creating an energy shield around the wearer. 

People who find it difficult to organize will love it because Pyrite develops a sense of organization both professionally and personally.

It is a very good stone to calm stress, relieve anxiety and appreciate the present moment . It releases emotional blockages and helps you realize yourself spiritually. 

The Lava Stone or Basalt is a powerful stone of volcanic or igneous origin, it has a large magnetic energy that will influence your body. Its telluric energy will promote your anchoring and give you the strength to move forward in your path. It will also help you manage your anger by expressing it and releasing it.     

As Lava Stone is a porous stone , you can benefit from the benefits of aromatherapy by adding a few drops of essential oil to one or two pearls. You will thus enjoy the benefits of your favorite essential oil throughout the day!  

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Characteristics :

  • Materials: Pyrite, Lava Stone
  • Length: about 18cm
  • Pearl diameters: 6 mm
  • Elastic


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