Set of 4 “Emotional Healing” Chopsticks


Sku: 5872

This Set of 4 “Emotional Healing” Chopsticks is perfect for people who want to regain their emotional and spiritual balance. Each stone provides specific energy care for each stage of healing. 

It is suitable for people suffering from discomfort, depression or emotional injuries.

This set is ideal for therapists practicing Reiki or Stone Healing.

  • Rock crystal : it opens the Cartesian mind to spirituality. It sheds light on the  dark areas of your life and helps you become aware of what does not do you good (relationships, places, foods, habits, etc.).
    • Amethyst:  It is known to heal impatience, balance the energies of the higher spheres, eliminate mental turmoil, bring clarity, and help to keep the grounding in the ground.
    • Rose Quartz : It brings gentleness, tenderness and compassion , and helps you heal your grief and emotional wounds , conscious or not. It diffuses its softness on the organism and in relations with others.
    • Fluorite : it is a stone of spiritual and extra-sensory perception. It promotes concentration and the ability to analyze in depth. It develops self-confidence and  stabilizes your emotional field .

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    Characteristics :

    • Materials: set of 4 sticks: Rock Crystal, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Fluorite
    • 2 sizes available: Small: 5 to 6 cm: approximately 20 to 30 g // Large: 8 to 9 cm: approximately 70 g to 95 g


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